The RESPECT Network


Network of Professionals and Producers in Ecotourism Tafilalett RES.P.P.EC.T

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  • Agreement of collaboration between professionals of ecotourism and oasis producers..
  • Agreement for mutual promotion, development and reinforcement.
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To go further in the actions of enhancing and promoting products and traditions of oases, the ERES action plan (FST Errachidia) has strived to establish this alliance between small producers and tourism professionals and chefs. This alliance brings together, in the same network, chefs and tourism professionals who share the values of solidarity, environment, equity … and have the willingness to support small producers using and / or selling their local products in their kitchens and institutions.

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The alliance aims at promoting local and tourist products.

Products of the alliance must be:

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  • In exceptional quality;
  • Related to a specific geographical area of the oases;
  • Produced in a small-scale traditional/artisanal way;
  • Produced in accordance with equitable methods;
  • In connection with the traditions and habits of the oases.


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The alliance aims at:

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  • Promote traditional, artisanal and local production;
  • Make producers respect national and international norms and standards in terms of quality;
  • Ensuring the promotion of products within the framework of sustainable development.
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